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The Summer Porch

June 14, 2017

We have a fabulous screened-in porch attached to the back of our home. It is accessed by double French doors off the breakfast nook, and all of the materials are eco-friendly (most do not need painting, just a gentle power washing every two-three years to remove the mildewy remnants of winter). Β We love our porch, and use it quite often (after the April-May pollen blasts are over!)

{view of our porch from the back yard a few years ago}

I have always had live ferns on my porch. I love “real” plants, but I did not love the dead fronds that were dropped on a daily basis. Real plants shed their leaves and blooms daily, and outside, these dead remnants are composted naturally into the ground or carried off by the wind. But in a closed porch setting, they are blown around from corner to corner which means daily sweeping and/or vacuuming. That is, until I decided to “go faux!”

As a photographer, I am always looking for realistic-looking faux flowers to use in my photo shoots, as purchasing real flowers weekly can be costly. I have used faux florals from for years for my magazine shoots, so naturally I turned to them to search for realistic-looking faux fern plants – and I am glad I did.

I ordered two different colors of ferns, a lighter, almost lime green fern, and a more realistic looking, medium green fern. When paired together, they are perfect!

The fern fronds are very life-like, with subtle nuances of colors and very small baby fronds that peek out from the center of the plant, similar to real ferns. Additionally, the ends of the leaves are almost a faded green color, which is exactly the way a real fern grows.

These ferns will survive the heat and sun of summer, they won’t shed, and what’s more, I do not have to water them. They are as beautiful as they are carefree and I am delighted to have these adorning my porch this summer.

{morning sunshine on the porch}

{the pink roses are also from}

{and of course my sweet Riley wearing a halo of faux spring blossoms from}

Please use this link to start your search for your faux ferns and all your summer florals:Β Summer Florals

During checkout, use the code CANTERBURY10 to received 10% off your purchase!

Happy Summer!


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  • Reply Linda Manley June 14, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Hi Gay! It’s so hard to believe these ferns aren’t real! Your porch is lovely. . .everything about it! I have always wanted a similar room. . .I know I would live there!! Thank you for sharing. <3

  • Reply Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage June 15, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    Hi Gay,
    I would love a screened in porch like yours. How beautiful to be out there and enjoying nature at its best. Love Riley in the flower crown too. Too cute. Happy Thursday.

  • Reply Donna July 19, 2017 at 1:11 am

    The porch is gorgeous! The ferns and fabulous and look real. I love ferns too but don’t like the constant maintenance. Your Riley is very sweet…one of my Chis is called Riley and he is a cuddler.

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