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Have you Heard of Bloglovin’?

March 20, 2015

I recently discovered Bloglovin’, a fabulous site that you can join if you have a blog or like to follow blogs.  It will promote your blog for you, and also direct you towards literally hundreds of blogs about anything your heart desires.

 You can sign up via your Facebook account or with your email and a password.

 Once you are signed up, just add your blog (with easy to follow directions) or, if you don’t have a blog, select from hundreds of topics and follow other blogs and bloggers.

This is a screen shot from my Bloglovin’ blog feed.  I follow lots of food, home decor, and photography blogs.  There is something for everyone on Bloglovin’ ~ from DIY to design, pets to prints, architectural to intellectual.

This shows my blog and my Bloglovin’ icon at the top.  If you have a blog you are encouraged to add your icon.  It can be a photograph or a design element, like mine.  It shows how many blogs I follow and how many people are following my blog on Bloglovin’ (thanks y’all!).   You can save posts that you like to your favorites as well (I have not done this yet as I am pretty  new to it).

Just choose from an array of topics that interest you and Bloglovin’ presents you with a huge list of blog posts.

Here it is showing me a few blogs in the food and drink category (my favorite).

And here are a few from Home Decor. Just click on the blog, read it, and if you like it, save it to your Bloglovin’ list and you will receive emails with updates from your favorite blogs.  They will also make suggestions to you based on blogs you have chosen to follow.  You can select how often you would like to be emailed.  There is also a Bloglovin’ app for your phone and iPad. It’s a win-win.

Whether you have a blog or not, you will enjoy Bloglovin’.  The design and layout is easy to navigate for just about anyone (you too, Mom).

Today is also the first day of Spring, and at house that means a bath for Riley to start off our spring cleaning routine.  Even though he woke up to snow and rain, he’s a happy (and clean) camper.

 Happy Spring!

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  • Reply NanaDiana March 20, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    I am on bloglovin' too. It is a good tool for a lot of readers.

    The only thing I DON'T like about it is that it feeds the posts a day late- the day after they are posted. I usually read from my sidebar and the posts pop up as soon as someone posts. xo Diana

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