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The Colorful Cottage

November 19, 2014

{love the colors in this colorful cottage}

I really just want to post pretty photos of Christmas decorations, but instead I thought I would try to write about the decor choices we make based on color. (I promise to do the other in December.)

If you have seen my Pinterest, I have several boards dedicated to many different styles of cottages or homes, and one of them is The Colorful Cottage.  You might be thinking “why is she interested in color when her house is mostly white?” It’s true, I prefer to decorate my home in mainly white hues – but that does not mean that I do not like color.  I love color, and I love pouring over fabrics, paint and the like. Color makes me happy and gets my creative juices flowing.

I do admit I am a bit fearful of color in my home.  I don’t want what everyone else has, and it’s actually hard for me to match colors well – I am more comfortable with a softer palette, one that flows from room to room.  Our insecurities play a huge part in what colors we choose for our homes.  I am not talented at mixing colors, so I stick with pale colors and whites.  I also like the feeling I get when I walk into a home that is bathed in the same color, it is serene and peaceful (for me).  Alternatively, there are those that crave color, the intensity and vibrancy of being enveloped in color makes them feel good.


{I love the colors in this room}

There are a few decorators that seem to make combining colors effortless – and I have both admiration and jealousy for them because they are so good at their craft. Caitlin Wilson is one, check out her blog at Another is Jill Sorenson – you can find her website here.  They are truly gifted at what they do.

{A lovely foyer setting in bright colors}

The Colorful Cottage is bright, vibrant, and creative.  You can’t help but feel welcome upon entering.

Here are some photos of some outstanding colorful cottages.

{photo love}


I am working on writing some decorating articles for a fabulous magazine, details coming soon!

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