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Mango Cucumber Salsa

November 12, 2014

It’s true – we love salsa.  When you want a snack you know salsa secretly comes to mind first.  That’s because we really want the chips and we justify eating those chips by scooping up huge quantities of  “healthy” salsa.  Anything made from tomatoes is healthy, right?  But in addition to the high salt content in the chips, your salsa contains as much or more.  One way to avoid the salt trap while snacking on salsa is to redefine your salsa.  Today we are going to make it with mango and cucumbers.

I found this recipe on one of my favorite food blogs, Oh My Veggies.  If you have not visited it yet, please do.  Yes it is vegetarian, but the recipes are very satisfying along with being healthy.  It’s a win-win.

Grab those blue tortilla chips (salt-free, of course) and enjoy this tonight.

Mango Cucumber Salsa

adapted from here

One ripe mango diced (about one cup)

1 cucumber, diced (about one cup)

1 sweet onion, diced (about 1/2 cup to 1 cup, to taste)

1/2 chopped cilantro

Juice from one lime

1/4 tsp. red pepper flakes (or more, to taste)

freshly ground black pepper

Stir together all the ingredients in a medium bowl.  Serve with blue corn tortilla chips. My favorite brand is Garden of Eatin’, because they come in many different varieties, including gluten free and no salt added.  And they are sold everywhere from Wegmans to Walmart.


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