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Must Have Mondays – Adding Your Own Hardware

September 16, 2014

I love furniture (be it old or new) as long as it is unique and has good lines.  New furniture, however, rarely comes with great hardware.  Most of the knobs are fugly (flimsy and ugly!) and don’t necessarily match the piece they are paired with.

Over the years I have acquired a large collection of old knobs and pulls.  Be it glass or brass, antique knobs and pulls were given as much time and attention to detail as the pieces of furniture they adorned. All of the furniture in my house has been re-knobbed (I am taking credit for coining this phrase!).  I have replaced new, plastic (flimsy!) knobs with glass knobs and, in some cases, new knobs have been replaced with newer knobs made to look old because it is difficult to find a complete “set” of matching knobs.

I recently bought a table from World Market for my foyer, painted it white and added antique glass knobs.  When the sun comes through the front door at the end of the day – it’s magical.  The knobs set off prisms of colors.  It’s very hard to photograph anything in the sun but this angle shows how the sun reflects off this knob.



I found a few vintage pieces on Pinterest that had great knobs.

I love this old black painted dresser with it’s large glass knobs.  You can mix and match too, as evidenced by the brass knobs on the top drawers.

And this dresser, which was painted white, has very sleek, feminine brass knobs and pulls.

And for the super colorful and creative, I found this one.  I really love it!

This is part of my collection.  I keep them on a shelf with my china in this bowl.

I found these knobs on one of my favorite antique websites – 10 matching brass floral knobs for $60. They have since sold but what a find!

If purchasing vintage knobs at antique stores is not on your radar, check out Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Marshalls for some great deals.  Target also has some lovely glass knobs in many different colors.

Happy shopping!

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