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Must Have Mondays – Flower Power

September 22, 2014
There is nothing I like better than having fresh flowers in the house.
I’ve waited years for my roses and hydrangeas to mature and they supply me
with endless blooms all summer long, sometimes well into the fall.
I usually opt for one color – a singular color is soothing, yet makes a statement.  One color
will automatically blend with any color of home decor.  I also rarely use greens, unless I am going to only display greens.  I’ve been known to cut branches from trees just to make a lovely
green display.
My favorite way to display flowers is to use something that you would not ordinarily think of
using as a flower vessel.
I found this old planter years ago at my favorite antique store and it has been my go-to
 centerpiece for flowers.
I like to use different containers – old wine bottles (some have great color after the wine is gone!).  A trifle bowl makes a great flower vase.  You can also use your prettiest tea cups to display just
one bloom.
 I love to use my old ironstone pitchers too.  If you are using something you can’t fill with water (like the planter above), fill small Tupperware containers or plastic cups with water and arrange the flowers in them first, then place the arrangement in the container.
Don’t just put flowers on your table either.  Set your unique vessel on an old chair or a stool
right in your foyer so it’s the first thing you see when you come home.  Set single blooms on
your stairs so it’s the last thing you see at night.
I always try to have fresh flowers in my daughter’s room when she comes home from college.
Here are a few unique ways to display your blooms.
Never underestimate the power of flowers!

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